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Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer FFWD EN

Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer (Fast FWD)

The FastFWD is 5 times faster per drop than the FWD and as with the FWD is designed to impart a load pulse to the pavement surface simulating the load produced by a moving vehicle. The load pulse is measured by a load cell with a resolution of 0.1 kPa, and the pavement response is recorded by up to 15 deflection sensors with a resolution of 0.1μm.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 5 times faster per drop than the FWD
  • No hydraulics
  • Same sensor setup and user interface as with the FWD
  • Passes AASHTO R 32 and the UK Correlation trial
  • 75% more test points per hour or 45% less traffic exposure
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Ease of training operators and service personnel
  • Consistent data with Dynatest Model 8002 FWD
  • Upgrade capability from Model 8002 FWD to FastFWD