que es ELMOD

Software para analizar la estructura del pavimento

Dynatest’s passion for pavement analysis has led to the development of ELMOD, the most advanced pavement analysis program on the market today.

Using the latest research provided by the heavy vehicle simulator and based on 35 years of worldwide consulting experience, ELMOD is unmatched in pavement performance modeling and is practical, fast and easy to use.

ELMOD analyzes the pavement response of the FWD and HWD by determining the modulus, stress, and pressure of each significant layer. Reports the failure layer and residual life using the LCCA module that allows the user to select the optimal rehabilitation alternatives.

Beneficios Clave de ELMOD

  • quick analysis
  • Can be used to determine optimal rehabilitation alternatives
  • May consider innovative new materials, which may be better adapted to local environmental conditions
  • Determines the effects of overloading, allowing additional rehabilitation costs to be determined
  • It uses empirical-mechanical analysis techniques that work on a wide variety of pavement types, loads and local environmental conditions.
  • Parameter files can be easily configured with local material, loading options and vehicle rehabilitation
  • Determine modules, stresses and pressures of up to 5 layers
  • Integrated into the core ELMOD program, FEM/LET/MET obtains the advantages of Finite Element Theory, Linear Elastic Theory and Equivalent Thickness Theory Method by using a seed value, providing a highly accurate analysis
  • The LCCA module allows the user to compare various rehabilitation scenarios over a period of 20-25 years. Pavement modeling is based on roughness, friction, pavement wear, as well as structural analysis
  • The PCN module is used to qualify the strength of airport pavements based on the results of the ELMOD back calculation procedure.
lwdmod Software
Basado en el módulo FEM/LET/MET de ELMOD, LWDmod proporciona un paquete de análisis ideal para el Deflectómetro de Peso Ligero…
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